Presently being planned is WORLD JEWISH SOLIDARITY and TEFILLAH DAY

September 16 2018 – TISHREI 7 5779 – ז’ תשרי תשע”ט

A UNIVERSAL CALL for ALL WORLD JEWRY to ASSEMBLE during these very difficult and serious times for our fellow Jews both in Israel and the Diaspora, and for Eretz Yisrael.

It calls on all countries, cities, communities, organizations and individuals to join and participate.

Many major international Jewish organizations have given their endorsement support and involvement

On that day, simultaneous assemblies with thousands of participants will be held in cities/communities throughout the world, connected by live video conferencing links to create a massive GLOBAL show of unity and support, bringing ALL WORLD JEWRY together into one mass solidarity event.

To involve the Whole Jewish World. Literally all the millions of Jews globally to assemble at the very same time on the same day.

Being interactive the audience will hear and see the same thing at the very same moment

The CALL from Israel, Yerushalayim -Ir Hakodesh – our Eternal capital. The main site will be The Kottel.

An event that will be an unprecedented and unique event in Jewish history and which will generate an intense feeling of belonging to a World Wide Jewish Network.  Although the People and Land of Israel stand alone in these very concerning times, as a People we must stand united, and this is cause for comfort, pride and hope.

Considering the importance of our solidarity in such crucial times for our Nation and our People, we are seeking the support of every Jewish Community and Organization World Wide.

In this way it can truly be a day of International Unity and Solidarity.

When each Community encourages all their members to attend the appointed venue in their city, to come together as Am Israel, this timely display of unity will be unparalleled in Jewish History.

Extracts from FUTURE TENSE – Prologue- book by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Sixty years after its birth, the State of Israel is deeply isolated……. Rarely has its future seemed so fraught with risk …

The existence of the State of Israel it …was thought would put an end to anti-Semitism. 

Instead, Israel has become the focus of a new anti-Semitism.  The emergence within living memory of the holocaust of a new strain of the world’s oldest hate, is one of the most shocking developments. 

Were these the only problems facing the Jewish people, they would be formidable. 

But there are others that weaken from within.  There is a crisis of Jewish continuity.  ….

There are continuing divisions within the Jewish world, to the point that it is difficult to speak of Jews as one people with a shared fate and a collective identity…..

Jews need to recover faith –… Jews kept faith alive.  Faith kept the Jewish people alive.  …

We are in danger of forgetting who Jews are and why, why there is such a thing as the Jewish people, and what its place is within the Global project of mankind…..

 Jews, whether in Israel or elsewhere, need to recover a sense of purpose.  Until you know where you want to be, you will not know where to go. ….

It’s not just about the problems facing Jews, Judaism and Israel in the 21st Century.  It is also about the larger question of who Jews are, and why. …

We need to recover the classic terms of the Jewish story.  That story is not about anti Semitism or about Israel as a nation surrounded by enemies.  It is not about Jews destined to live alone.  …..

It is about faith, an unusual faith in which G-d summoned a people and charged them with becoming his partners in creating lives ,and in Israel a society, that would become a home for the divine presence.….

Jews must take a stand… a positive stand on the basis of values by which our ancestors lived….. 

It is the time to renew that most ancient of biblical institutions, the covenant of human SOLIDARITY. …..

Without compromising one iota of Jewish faith or identity, Jews must stand alongside their friends. ….

The antidote to fear is faith, a faith that knows the dangers but never loses hope.  Faith.. is not certainty but the courage to live with uncertainty…..